Graduate school

Graduate School in Special Education for Teachers

The graduate school in Special Education for Teachers will provide new knowledge of how all pupils can succeed in school. One of the objectives is to reduce the gaps between different pupil groups. Eleven PhD students have been adopted in 2018.

The ambition is to develop knowledge that will enable pupils with special needs to get an improved schooling, for example pupils with neuropsychiatric diagnoses. The graduate school will also study models for how teachers’ skills development can be strengthened within the field of special education.

The graduate school has been granted  40 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council. It is headed by Professor Mona Holmqvist, Malmö University, which is the headquarter of the graduate school. Professor Jonas Aspelin, Kristianstad University, Professor Sven Bölte, Karolinska Institut, and Professor Peter Karlsudd, Linnaeus University, are also involved. Research coordinator is Lisa Hellström, Malmö University.

From the left: Peter Karlsudd, Mona Holmqvist, Sven Bölte, Lisa Hellström and Jonas Aspelin