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Research Platform of Education and Special Education (RePESE) is a research-group at Malmö university, Faculty of Learning and Society (LS), based at the Department School-development and Leadership (SOL), with a focus on educational research in different contexts. Feel free to visit our seminars and other activities, which you can find more information about at this web-site.

Because of COVID-19, all our seminars will take place at Zoom, links will be available by the contact persons in the program.

Upcoming Seminar:

12/1 kl 13.15-15: Lärares arbetsvillkor i ett differentierat styrningslandskap

Zoom: https://mau-se.zoom.us/j/63288545638?pwd=eGk5NXowVU01ZzA4UXk1amFvWjRtZz09

Karolina Parding, professor i arbetsvetenskap, Luleå tekniska universitet


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