About RePESE

Research Platform for Education and Special Education, RePESE, [rɪ’pi:s], was established in August 2016. The research platform is located at the Department of School Development and Leadership, Malmö University, and is open to anyone interested in educational issues within pre-primary, upper secondary and higher education and non-institutionalized learning.

Research group

The research in the environment is based on education, pedagogy and special education, but is also multidisciplinary, e.g. through practical school research projects on subject content at different levels of education. This means that the group consists of researchers from pedagogy, childhood science. special education, subject didactics, political science, public health, etc.

The focus of the research is formation, education and innovative learning processes in order to give present and future citizens of the society the prerequisites and abilities to meet and solve contemporary and future societal challenges. The specific knowledge contribution consists of results that can be interpreted, understood and used to contribute to social development by giving citizens the necessary conditions.