Research on Educational Leadership and Development in Schools and Preschools (ELD)

ELD conducts multidisciplinary research on leadership and school development in preschools, schools, high schools and academia, with the aim of problematizing and creating an understanding of the role of leadership in transformation of agents, structures, cultures and practices. Researchers within ELD conduct critical organizational research, including on how companies and businesses engage in Swedish schools, and on how school development is driven by different interests and ideas. Additional focus areas are analysis of leadership for professional learning communities; development of practices; cross-sectoral collaboration; and self-reflexivity. ELD-research is based on several different organizational and leadership theories, as well as on educational history and educational philosophy, and includes different perspectives, such as special education, social background, gender and ethnicity.

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Activities Autumn 2021:

  • 22 September, at 1—3 pm.  Text seminars
  • 13-14 October, Two-day writing seminars: individual-writing and collaboration (Höör, Sweden)
  • 17 November, at 1—3 pm. Text seminars
  • 15 December, at 1–3 pm. Reading circle, Bell hooks Teaching Critical Thinking – practical wisdom
    • Close reading of the book. The participants’ interpretations, questions and perspectives will be the foundation of the seminar.
ELD members: