Research on Educational Leadership and Development in Schools and Preschools (ELD)

ELD is a multidisciplinary research group studying leadership in preschools, elementary schools and upper secondary schools. The aim is to understand the functions of leadership in successful changes of schools’ structures, cultures, practices and achievements. ELD focuses on leadership for collegial development, praxis development, multicultural school contexts as well as leadership for learning from a special needs educational perspective. ELD conducts research from several different organizational and leadership perspectives as well as educational-historical and educational-philosophical perspectives.

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Activities Spring 2020 (Zoom):

29/4       kl 13.15-15  Text seminar

27/5      kl 13.15-15  Text seminars: Magnus Erlandsson presents a research application &  article discussion

Activites Autumn 2020:

22-23/9 Two-day writing workshops

21/10  kl 13.15-15  D477  Text seminars

18/11   kl 13.15-15  D477  Text seminars

16/12  kl 13.15-15  D477  Text seminars

If you wish to be on the mailing list or participate at the seminars please contact magnus.erlandsson@mau.se or vanja.lozic@mau.se