Research on Adult and Higher Education (RAHE)

The researchers are studying adult learning in education in relation to previous learning, experiences and professional skills. The aim is to provide knowledge about the field of tension between adult students’ professional skills and previous experience-based learning through different theoretical and methodological approaches. The group investigates the way in which this affects different learning processes in various contexts during education mainly at distance, regardless of whether students attend a professional or postgraduate degree. The group also targets an interest to students with non-academic backgrounds.

RAHE is led by:
Marie Jedemark, marie.jedemark@mau.se

RAHE members:
Lisbeth Amhag


Activities Spring 2020:

26/2 kl 13:15‐15:00 B338

11/3 13:15‐15:00 D477

8/4 kl 13:15‐15:00

6/5 kl 13:15‐15:00 D477

Activities Autumn 2020:

 2/9      kl 13.15 – 15  D477

30/9   kl 13.15 – 15  D477

28/10  kl 13.15 – 15  D477

25/11  kl 13.15 – 15  D477