Research on Diversity in Education and Society (ReDES)

REDES research group consists of researchers, teachers and PhD-students, preferably from the Institution School Development and Leadership but also from other institutions at the Faculty Learning and Society. A central theme for the research in the group is diversity, which is studied in relation to teaching, learning, language/multilingualism, communication, profession, ethics, health and cooperation.

The results of the conducted research in the group can be especially beneficial for future and active special pedagogy teachers, student health teams and teachers at different levels in the education system. Everyone with an interest in diversity, pedagogy/special pedagogy and public health from a societal perspective are welcome to take part in the activities and work in REDES. The platforms for the common work in the research group are seminars with the aim to read and be critical friends to each other’s scientific texts, write research grant applications and prepare conference participation.

In Swedish

Activities Fall 2020 at Zoom (Wednesdays at 13.15-15.00):

  • September 24th: Systematic reviews: Text seminar
  • October 7th: Text seminar (cancelled)
  • November 4th: Text seminar
  • December 2nd: Text seminar

ReDES is led by:
Anna-Karin Svensson,

Madeleine Sjöman,

ReDES members:

Helena Andersson

Lotta Anderson

Lisa Hellström
Mona Holmqvist
Kamilla Klefbeck

Balli Lelinge
Adrian Lundberg
Johanna Lüddeckens
Lisbeth Ohlsson
Linda Petersson
Linda Plantin Ewe
Helena Sjunnesson

Madeleine Sjöman

Pia Thimgren
Daniel Östlund


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Publications 2020