Graduate school SET

Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET)

SET is funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039) from 2018 to 2022. The research program offers postgraduate education for teachers within teacher education to enhance research links in undersized areas (special didactics) in teacher education. The postgraduate school has two goals. Firstly, it aims to develop skills and contribute with knowledge about three of the four educational tracks in Swedish special education teacher training along with the new focus on Neurodevelopmental conditions (NDC). Secondly, we intend to study how professional development can be developed, enhancing the PhD-students’ capacity to give and gather collegial feedback in special didactics during the program using various professional development models for teachers

The graduate school has been granted  40 million SEK from the Swedish Research Council. Professor Mona Holmqvist is the main applicant and scientific leader of the graduate school, which is hosted by Malmö University. Professor Jonas Aspelin, Kristianstad University, Professor Sven Bölte, Karolinska Instituett, and Professor Peter Karlsudd, Linnaeus University, are members of the scientific leadership team. 12 doctoral students had been admitted to the graduate school.