Camilla Nilvius

Name Camilla Nilvius
PhD student at Post Graduate School of Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET)
Employed at Linnaeus University
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Title of research Evaluating a full-scale Response to Intervention (RtI) – model to enhance students’ reading abilities
Ethical review  
Abstract My research interest focuses on the RtI-model and how it can serve as a preventative framework for students “at-risk” of developing reading difficulties. My dissertation includes four different studies with various methods. Study one is a PRISMA gold standard systematic review/meta-analysis of RtI-reading interventions. The purpose was to investigate what effect Tier 2 reading interventions have on students’ word decoding. A moderate effect was observed in this study. Study two is a quasi-experimental study that examines how a full-scale tier 1-3 RtI-model, implemented in a Swedish grade 2 class, serves as a framework to identify and remediate students “at-risk” of developing reading difficulties. 

The third article is a theoretical article that discusses possibilities and challenges when the RtI-model is merged with the Lesson Study. The fourth study further develops study two with an implemented RtI-model in the Swedish school context but with a larger sample. It includes seven classes at three different schools, starting at the beginning of grade 1 and finishing at the end of grade 2. This study has an ongoing empirical collection.

Publications Pre-print:
Nilvius, C. Carlsson, R., Fälth L and Nordström, T.  (2020). Tier 2 interventions within the RtI-model for developing students’ word decoding – a systematic review and meta-analysis 

Doi: 10.31234/

Nilvius, C. (2020). Merging lesson study and response to interventionInternational Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies. 9. 277-288.


Funding Vetenskapsrådet VR UV Dnr 2017-06039
Examination Dr/lic Scheduled for 2022