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Helena Sjunnesson

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Meetings between prevailing assessment culture and students in special needs -Illuminated from different perspectives

Ethical review

2020-10-12, 2020-04333


Starting point for this compilation thesis will be assessment and what it means for teachers and students to be part of the prevailing assessment culture. A special focus will be low-achieving students and students in special needs regarding language, writing and reading.

Parts of the thesis are based on assessment of students’ linguistic abilities. The meetings between prevailing assessment culture and students in special needs will be illuminated from different perspectives.

Study 1 is a re-analysis of my licentiate thesis (Sjunnesson, 2014). The aim is to capture teachers understanding of an external assessment assignment regarding reading comprehension in school year 4, initiated from municipality level.

Study 2 This research review aims to synthesizes research focused on low-achieving students’ experiences of assessments in education, aiming to make students’ voices more visible in assessment situations.

Study 3 focus on students’ perspectives about assessments in the subject Swedish. Letter methods and interviews have been conducted with students in school year 2, 5 and 8.

Study 4, This study examined participating teachers’ expressions about teaching and learning when implementing lesson study (LS) about communication as a special didactic tool in mathematics.


Sjunnesson, H. (2014). Bedömning av läsförståelse – och sen då?: Pedagogers meningsskapande i en kommunövergripande bedömningsprocess. Lärarutbildningen, Malmö högskola.

Sjunnesson, H. (2020). Initializing phase of lesson study: Communication a special didactic tool in mathematics. https://doi.org/10.1108/IJLLS-02-2020-0007


Graduate School Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET) funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039)


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Scheduled for 2022