Helena Sjunnesson

Name Helena Sjunnesson
PhD student at Malmö University
Employed at Kristianstad Universityr
Home-page https://www.hkr.se/
Telephone +46442503238
E-mail address helena.sjunnesson@hkr.se
Title of research Special pedagogical perspective on assessment practices in school – from teacher and student perspective
Ethical review
Abstract Ball (2003) talks about how the change in the political discourse regarding evaluation and controls in schools, at different levels affects the local level. The assessment discourse is transformed through the system to local level; e.g. municipalities and individual schools. The consequences of various actors ‘ evaluation and control of the school, leads to the teachers and their education (see Ball, 2003; Ranson, 2003). According to Ball (2003), this can affect both the profession as well as the teachers’ relationship with students and colleagues.

The starting point in this compilation thesis will be assessment and what it means for teachers and students to be part of the prevailing assessment culture. The first study (Sjunnesson, 2014) is a case study and the case can be understood as an example of the transformation of the assessment culture to local level. This study have a teachers’ perspective of being a part of the prevailing assessment practice.

In a forthcoming study, the intention is to have the students’ perspective about assessment. Focus will be students who do not reach set goals or criteria in assessments regarding language, writing and reading. The intention is to meet the student in the assessment practice and to use video as method.

Publications Sjunnesson, H. (2014). Bedömning av läsförståelse – och sen då?: pedagogers meningsskapande i en kommunövergripande bedömningsprocess. Licentiatavhandling Malmö : Malmö högskola, 2014. Malmö.
Funding Graduate School Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET) funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039)
Examination Scheduled for 2022