Linda Petersson-Bloom

NameLinda Petersson-Bloom
PhD student atMalmö University
Employed atMalmö University and the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM  
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Title of researchFacilitating Inclusive capability in Pre- and Primary School, focusing on students with Autism spectrum Disorder, using Professional Development as a vehicle – Feasibility and changed practice  
Ethical reviewDnr 2019-05323
AbstractIn this thesis the educational situation for students with Autism spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the early years of education, from preschool and up to sixth grade, compulsory school are at focus. The emphasis lies on modifications, adjustment and adaptations in the learning environment, and how interventions designed as professional development, can increase awareness on how to create a more inclusive learning context for students with ASD, placed in regular preschool- and school settings. Different views are included such as students’-, parents’ and school staff. Furthermore, this is not a thesis that emphases on the ideology of inclusion, instead it strives to provide society with research that aims to support the practise, in this case preschools and schools, to develop an educational setting that is well adapted to meet the educational needs of student with ASD. Indeed, as posited in Pellicano et al. (2018) there is an ongoing debate on the definition of inclusion in especially regards of students with ASD, but we cannot wait on “a theoretical argument about the definition of inclusion” (p. 386), instead we must move forward and support the practice.
PublicationsPetersson Bloom, L. Professional Development for Enhancing Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness in Preschool ProfessionalsJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (2020).  

Petersson-Bloom, L., & Holmqvist, M. A Review of Qualitative Research Results of Full Inclusion for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder at School and Classroom Levels. Submitted manuscript.  
FundingDnr: 2017-06039  
Examination Dr/licScheduled for 2022