School-development research based on:

Phenomenography, Variation Theory and Learning Study (PeVALS)

The research group brings together researchers from all departments in the Faculty of Education and Society, and is based on the participating members’ background as educational practice-based research since 20 years. The common theoretical base is research on phenomenography, variation theory as theoretical perspectives on learning, but also action research and improvement science. Based on these approaches, the group studies intentional learning at pre-school or school together with teachers, with a focus on the learner’s perspectives. By studying the relationship between instruction and learning processes, results are used to develop learning and design new teaching approaches based in scientific knowledge.
Activities  Spring 2020 (via Zoom due to COVID-19):
26/2 kl 13.15 – 15 B338
25/3 kl 13.15 – 15
22/4 kl 13.15 – 15 Textseminar: Maria Alkhede’s kappa (teory)
20/5 kl 13.15 – 15  Dr Mei Kuin Lai från University of Auckland, lecturing on Collective problem solving will be wathced and discussed (from Stockholms stad Forskning i praktiken)
Activities Autumn 2021:
PeVALS is lead by:
and Lecturer Christina Svensson, NMS
Prof Mona Holmqvist, SOL
Fil mag Cecilia Winström. NMS
Doktorand Christina Svensson, NMS
Doktorand Kamilla Klefbeck, HKr
Doktorand Catarina Wästerlid, HKr