Helen Egerhag

NameHelén Egerhag
PhD student atLinneaus University
Employed atLinneaus University
E-mail addressHelen.egerhag@lnu.se
Title of researchReading interventions in a second language
Ethical reviewDnr: 2019-01780
AbstractThe doctoral dissertation aims to contribute with knowledge about newly arrived students at risk for reading difficulties in the second language Swedish and how reading interventions works to promote reading ability. Studies have shown that second language learners benefit from explicit, systematic interventions for early reading (August & Shanahan, 2006; Vaughn et al 2006). There are still few previous intervention studies conducted in a second language among pupils in Sweden. The interventions in the study are carried out systematic for children and adults in short and intensive sessions in small groups or in one-on-one teaching. The focus in the interventions is on decoding, reading flow and reading comprehension. The study gathers both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative results consist of reading tests. The qualitative data consits of i.e. documentation from regular meetings between teachers and researchers and from logbooks provided by the teachers during the intervention sessions to examine how to promote second language learners’ reading development in Swedish.
PublicationsLundbäck, B., Egerhag, H. (2020). Lesson Study as a bridge between two learning contexts. International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies. 9. 289-299      
FundingLinneaus University in cooperation with the graduate school – Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET) – funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039)
ExaminationScheduled for 2022