Kamilla Klefbeck

Name Kamilla Klefbeck
PhD student at Malmö University
Employed at Kristianstad University
Home-page https://www.hkr.se/personal/kamilla.klefbeck
Telephone +46 (0)44-2503933
E-mail address Kamilla.klefbeck@hkr.se
Title of research Collaborative lesson research, enabling SEN students’ active participation.
Ethical review Dnr: 2019-02767
Abstract In Sweden, students with intellectual disabilities (ID) are enrolled in a special educational system. The Swedish Parliament (2011) requires a supplementary teacher-education, for Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers, educating students with ID. Hedegaard-Sørensen and Langager (2012) emphasize that SEN-teaching demands a continuum of didactic dimensions, where relational as well as social aspects are considered crucial. In a systematic review Klefbeck (2019a) covers educational approaches used to enhance communication skills for learners with a combination of ID and autism spectrum disorder. Findings indicate that even if there are a variety of approaches, encompassing linguistic methodologies as well as personnel strategies, aspects of educators’ responsiveness are considered crucial for students’ learning. This doctoral dissertation project aims to contribute with knowledge about how Collaborative Lesson Research (Takahashi & McDougal, 2016) can enhance SEN-teacher’ abilities to create positive educational relations with and among students. To adjust the design, an initiation phase study has been performed (Klefbeck, 2019b), where ten SEN-teachers performed and adjusted lessons for ten students with ID, the result indicated, challenging collaborative discussions can enhance student’ prerequisites for learning. In present phase, collaborative discussions in combination with video recordings of research-lessons will be used, focusing SEN-teachers’ responsiveness and students’ active participation.
Publications Klefbeck, K (2019a). Examining educational approaches to improve communication skills of learners with dual autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability: a systematic review”, working paper [Focus-19-107], Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden, 2019-10-07.


Klefbeck, K (2019b). Developing education for students with intellectual disabilities.  Unpublished manuscript.


Funding Graduate School Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET) funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039)
Examination Scheduled for 2022