Kamilla Klefbeck

Name Kamilla Klefbeck
PhD student at Malmö University
Employed at Kristianstad University
Home-page https://www.hkr.se/personal/kamilla.klefbeck
Telephone +4644-2503933
E-mail address Kamilla.Klefbeck@hkr.se
Title of research SEND-teachers enable active participation in education for pupils with learning disabilities
Ethical review Agreed by the Swedish Ethical Review Board (2019–02767)
Abstract Aim: The aim of this dissertation project is to contribute with knowledge about approaches to improve SEND-teachers’ preconditions to enable active participation in the educational milieu for pupils with learning disabilities. Research questions: (i) In what way can a collaborative research approach, where teachers and researchers develop research lessons, be used to make student’s voice discernable in compulsory school for pupils with learning disabilities (CSLD)? (article 1,3,4) (ii) What difference did measured changes in SEND-teachers’ prerequisites for teaching, make for pupils’ abilities to participate in the educational milieu? (article 2,3,4) (iii) In what way can video-feedback support teachers’ collaborative development? (article 4) 

Theory: A theoretical lens of Pragmatism, focusing Dewey and Mead.

Methods: A collaborative research approach (Takahashi & McDougal, 2016) where the teachers not only changed their lesson design, but also jointly analyzed and adjusted its design, based on the teaching effects received.

Data collection: Video recordings, systematic analysis of literature and transcripts, interrater-validity agreements.

Issue: In present research the main sample (art. 3-4) focus on a group of teachers and pupils (moderate to severe learning disabilities and ASD) seldom included in educational research, whereby full inclusion might be proceeded by issues about genuine access to the educational milieu.

Publications Klefbeck, K. (2020). Lesson study for students with intellectual disability. International Journal for Lesson & Learning Studies.
Funding Swedish Research Council, grant no. 2017–06039
Examination Dr/lic Scheduled for 2022