Linda Plantin Ewe

Name Linda Plantin Ewe
PhD student at Malmö University
Employed at Kristianstad University
Telephone +46 44 250 32 31
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Title of research Teachers’ relational competence meeting students with ADHD
Ethical review Etikprövningsnämnden Dnr: 2019-03533
Research on the teacher-student relationships are quite limited regarding students with ADHD (Plantin Ewe, 2019).  Yet, existing research is coherent regarding teachers’ experiences of the relationship as being more conflictive and less close compared to the teacher-student relationship in general. This correlates with student experiences and can thereby be seen as a potential risk factor for those students since feelings of rejection seem to increase hyperactive and extroverted behavior. Additionally, the majority of existing research focus on students’ problematic behavior and the state of the teacher-student relationship rather than how to develop it. Therefore, current research aims at contribute with knowledge of how to enhance teachers’ relational competence in order to decrease students’ feeling of teacher rejection. This will be done based on an intervention study complemented by web-questionnaires where teachers as well as students asses their relationship with their teacher/student in a long-term study. Data will be collected in a municipality that already has an ongoing teacher development project focusing teachers’ knowledge of ADHD in general and its practical implications in particular. A mixed method approach forms the basis for analysis. Additionally, the research is based on a relational framework (Pianta, 1999; Scheff, 1997) where interaction between teachers and students is focused.
Publications Plantin Ewe, L. (2019) ADHD symptoms and the teacher–student relationship: a systematic literature review, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 24:2, 136-155, DOI: 10.1080/13632752.2019.1597562 

Plantin Ewe, L. (2020), “Enhancing teachers’ relational competence: a teacher lesson study”, International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, Vol. 9 No. 3, pp. 203-219.

Ewe, L. P., & Aspelin, J. (2021). Relational competence regarding students with ADHD–An intervention study with in-service teachers. European Journal of Special Needs Education, 1-16.

Swedish National Research School Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET), funded by the Swedish Research Council (grant no. 2017-06039)

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